LCMS Bottle

Pristine™ HPLC Reagents

Acetonitrile | Methanol | Water | And more!

  • ACS Certified
  • Low UV absorbance, High GC assay
  • Low water content and residue after evaporation
  • Packaged with Nitrogen & Sub-micron filtered
  • Packaged in glass bottles with printed Actual Lot Analysis on each label
  • * means coming soon!

Cat. No. DescriptionUOM SDS SAMPLE COA
1910-5Pristine™ Acetonitrile4 Liter, 4/case LINKLINK
1915-5Pristine™ Methanol4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1919-5Pristine™ Water4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1913-5Pristine™ Dichloromethane4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1914-5Pristine™ Isopropyl Alcohol4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1916-5Pristine™ n-Hexane 95%4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1917-5Pristine™ Tetrahydrofuran with BHT4 Liter, 4/caseLINKLINK
1918-5Pristine™ Tetrahydrofuran *4 Liter, 4/case– – 
1920-5Pristine™ n-Heptane * 4 Liter, 4/case– –