LCMS Bottle


Pristine™ LC-MS Reagents

Acetonitrile | Methanol | Water


  • No LC-MS TIC signals higher than 100ppb Reserpine
  • No LC-MS TIC signals higher than
         50PPB RESERPINE (ESI + mode)
         50PPB 4-Nitrophenol (ESI – mode)
  • Very low metal concentration (<100ppb)
  • Low Particles
  • Packaged in glass bottles with Actual Lot Analysis printed on each label


LC-MS Acetonitrile

Cat. No. DescriptionUnit Of MeasureSDS
1930-1Pristine™ Acetonitrile, LC-MS Grade 1 Liter, 6/caseLINK
1930-3Pristine™ Acetonitrile, LC-MS Grade2.5 Liter, 4/caseLINK
1930-5Pristine™ Acetonitrile, LC-MS Grade4 Liter, 4/caseLINK

LC-MS Methanol

Cat. No.DescriptionUnit of MeasureSDS
1935-1 Pristine™ Methanol, LC-MS Grade1 Liter, 6/caseLINK
1935-3Pristine™ Methanol, LC-MS Grade 2.5 Liter, 4/caseLINK
1935-5Pristine™ Methanol, LC-MS Grade4 Liter, 4/caseLINK

LC-MS Water

Cat. No. DescriptionUnit Of Measure
1939-1Pristine™ Water, LC-MS Grade1 Liter, 6/case
1939-3Pristine™ Water, LC-MS Grade 2.5 Liter, 4/case
1939-5Pristine™ Water, LC-MS Grade4 Liter, 4/case

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